MaxCar heater and cooler


Portable car heater and cooler.

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The ideal temperature for your car

Having air conditioning in cars can be a luxury item. And both on cold and hot days, this function can be sorely missed. If your car does not have air conditioning, this product is ideal for you!

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Maintain the temperature you want in the car

Have thermal comfort on any trip with the MaxCar Heater and Refrigerator. The MaxCar is a portable heater and refrigerator for cars with a connection to the cigarette lighter, ensuring a pleasant temperature in any situation.

Unique Features

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Portable and easy to use

The MaxCar is compact, easy to install, and take anywhere. Ideal for long trips and outings.

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Efficient and economical

The MaxCar is energy-efficient, saving the car battery. It is an affordable and practical solution for a pleasant climate in the car.

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Comfort for all seasons

The MaxCar is the perfect solution for all seasons, heating or cooling the car in any climate. It is indispensable for your car.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I loved the MaxCar! I traveled for hours in extreme temperatures, and the MaxCar kept the climate pleasant all the time.

Ronnie L.


Compact and easy to use, the MaxCar is perfect for family trips. Unfortunately, I found the cable a bit short.

Lilly C.


The MaxCar is very efficient and practical. It was the best purchase for my trips.

Mike C.


Frequent Questions

The MaxCar is a portable heater and refrigerator for cars, with a connection to the car's lighter socket. It allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your vehicle during any weather.

Yes, the MaxCar is very easy to use. Simply plug the cable into the car's lighter socket and choose the desired temperature. It's ideal for long trips and family outings.

Yes, the MaxCar is very energy-efficient, saving the car battery. It has an overload protection system and automatic shutdown to prevent the car battery from being discharged.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process. 

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